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Almost had a hissy fit.

Ah. My feet feel so much better.  I work in a convenience store with no official breaks so I basically just stood for about 8 hours straight.  Fun times.  It's nice to be home and in bed.  Thursday is my last day of work before I move into my dorm.  I'm rather sad.  Even though the work kinda sucks and there are some really rude customers, I'm gonna miss people.  This was my first real job.  I got the job through my dad, he delivered chips to the store for a while before his boss f***ed him over.  For a first job I got pretty lucky.  My boss is a little weird, but she's pretty cool.  Including me the employees numbered 8. All women.  I was pretty annoyed with one of my coworkers, but I really like everyone else.  Even if we're not always on the same wavelength, and I was 10 years younger than everyone else, they treated me kindly and like an equal.  I'm especially gonna miss Bev and Regina.  Bev reminded me a lot of my grandmother.  She's quite the spitfire. Hehe.  And I'll miss stocking the cooler early in anticipation of chatting the time away with Regina.  I'm gonna miss a few of the customers as well.  My two favorite lifefleet fellows showed up tonight and conversed with me for a bit.  I was rather happy to get to see them one more time.  They're both really funny (and flirtatious lol).  Hopefully I get transferred to a store close to my school.  It won't be the same though.  

I suppose the subject needs an explanation.  I got home and jumped into my pj's expecting to get on the computer and relax.  When I looked in my bag for my laptop's power cord I didn't find it.  I searched my room (apparently not very well) and started getting a little worked up.  I ran downstairs sans pants (my poor mom) and rifled the living room as well.  I remember packing it in my bag this morning so I was getting pretty upset.  If it wasn't here then it could only be with my boyfriend.  Who lives 30 minutes away.  Not a fun prospect.  When I came back to my room I tried to retrace my steps.  I had plugged in my phone which meant I took the charger out of my bag.  The bag where my power cord was supposed to be.  So I searched through the chair that the bag had originally been in.  And found the cord.  In my boot. I wonder about myself sometimes.

I shall save further ramblings for the future.




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