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I Heart Kisumai soo very much! (Just had to get that out of the way).

I'm fairly happy right now.  Just received contact about ordering a Kis-My-Ft2 poster from their current concerts.  Hopefully I'll get the last one I ordered sometime soon XD  I can't not smile whenever I listen to them and or watch them doing.... anything. lol 

Anyways... life recently...  Well, I managed to cut the same finger two days in a row.  First it was on my underwear (long story) and then it was trying to open my soda bottle.  I probably shouldn't be left on my own for my safety.

Over spring break I wanted to get caught up on school work and re-evaluate my life.  I had been very depressed and pessimistic and it was negatively affecting my performance in school.  It still kind of is.  I have been absent way too much this semester and I'll be surprised if I get any A's.  Meh.  Still sorting things out as far as Japan goes. 

Last weekend I started watching Korean dramas at the insistence of one of my best friends (she's basically like my barely younger little sister).  I started with... well it's called something different everywhere I look.  On dramacrazy.net it's listed as Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy.  I spent all weekend watching it until I was finished.  I think I am completely smitten with Gong Yoo.  Right now I am finishing up Coffee Prince.  

I would have written something sooner, but the last few weeks have been a struggle for me.  During spring break I though I was improving my life, but on Thursday I heard some terrible news.  One of my apartment mates and best friends passed away.  She struggled with epilepsy and it is believed to be the cause.  When I first heard it, I absolutely lost it.  I cried for days.  Right now I am trying to be ok.  When I think of her I am able to look back on our memories and smile.  I am so happy she was a part of my life even if it wasn't for a very long time.  My only regret is that I didn't tell her how much she really meant to me.

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