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Why am I still awake? XD

I would offer to ask other people questions, but I only have one actual friend soo...
Thank you for pretending to be interested in me! ;)

1. Amanda~~! How old are you? Birthday& all (:

  I am currently 21.  My birthday is August 2nd (1988).

2. If you had to pick one kpop artist to live with for a year, who would it be?

This is an impossible question!  *is giving serious thought to the question* Either Seungho or Heechul.  They seem like they would be interesting housemates without being too obnoxious.  I want Heechul for his kitties lol  They also seem like people you could talk to if you really needed to.  And they're both older than me (which makes them legal for me to be attracted to XD )

3. Who is/are your favorite bands/groups/people in kpop and why?

Hmm... the first group I got into was Big Bang through one of their songs being used as a theme for a J-drama I was watching. Picking favorites is so hard! 

Big Bang is a favorite because I like the sound of their music (they revived my interest in dance music).

FT Island is my #1 because I really enjoy their music (and they're so freaking adorable). (Jaejin was my first choice, but after watching Maknae Idol Rebellion Seunghyun really grew on me)
MBLAQ is also high on my list.  I had kind of disregarded them initially when I just listened to "Oh Yeah" but after watching them on variety shows and listening to their songs again I think they're pretty talented and have hilarious personalities. (Lee Joon is... *drools*... um.. probably my favorite in Kpop overall. It's only partly because he's gorgeous. ;D )

At this current moment I have taken an interest in Super Junior.  I have a thing for Heechul.

4.Where are you from?

I don't really consider myself from anywhere, but I've lived in Northeast Ohio for about 9ish years now.  I was born in Arkansas, and I lived near Sacramento, California for about 8 years.

5. Do you have other social networking accounts? If so, can i add you? (:

I have a myspace and facebook.  I pretty much don't bother with my myspace anymore but you can add both of them if you want. =^_^=



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Jun. 26th, 2010 11:24 am (UTC)
amanda-jiejie is 6 years older than me. :O

amanda-jiejie lives in california? eva does too! :DD eva lives in LA!

FTI is 짱! :]] so are 엠블랙 & 슈퍼주니어. (; i don't like 빅뱅 all that much. >>; but this isn't about me, so moving on~~

me sent friend-request to amanda-jiejie on facebook. ^_________^
Jul. 9th, 2010 09:51 pm (UTC)
I don't feel that old lol As far as I'm concerned I'll be about 17 forever. XD

Unfortunately I don't live in California anymore. =( I'm jealous! I kind of want to live in LA. I don't even think I've visited it before.
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