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*Deep breath*

Gah! I filled out the last form I needed to in regards to studying at Kansai Gaidai this Fall.  My stomach is all knotted up just thinking about it.  It seems so exciting when it's a far off dream, but the thought of going to a foreign country, especially one where some form of English is not the native language, is absolutely terrifying! *takes another deep breath* 

I was pretty set to study at Kent State for my Master's Degree, but now I'm changing my mind some more. =/   Now that my drive to learn Korean has been kicked into gear, I want to go somewhere where I can study East Asian in general and get some formal classroom experience in Chinese and Korean, and hopefully study abroad again (in all three countries this time).  I have to look at degree time restrictions and funding, but I really want the chance to study in the countries to improve my language skills.  Like I said, it sounds like a wonderful fantasy, but if it actually happens I'm probably going to freak out some more.  I'm also worried that if I don't get some kind of certification in translation it might be more difficult for me to find work or be good enough.  *sigh* I wish someone would just pay me to study languages. That's really all I want to do.  

In other news, holy crap, Super Junior is kind of awesome.  The first time I stumbled upon some of their music I disregarded it.  But now I adore them, mostly because they're completely nuts. XD  As I always do, I had to pick a number one for myself, and despite his nightgown wearing tendencies, I think I lean toward Sungmin the most.  And now I will return to downloading Super Junior related variety shows and amusing myself for the next several hours.  



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