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I feel strangely conflicted.  When I think about the future I get so excited and cannot wait.  When I come back to the now, I'm just bored.  I havent' been playing World of Warcraft recently so I figured I'd jump back in and maybe hit 73 on my rogue.  I ran around the area I was in for about 3 minutes before getting pissed off because I couldn't figure out where the hell I needed to go and promptly gave up again.  There are several dramas I'm interested in watching, a few episodes of Bloody Monday and maybe one of the NHK Taiga dramas like Shinsengumi or Atsu Hime.  I just keep avoiding watching them though.  I don't know why.  

Speaking of Bloody Monday, I decided to look up the end theme "Over the Rain" and ended up falling in love with Flumpool.  Within the first few secons of "Hana ni Nare" I decided it was one of my favorite songs.  I also looked into Remioromen.  This was after listening to Nishikido Ryo's drunken acoustic rendition of Konayuki.  Hehe.

I got my schedule for Spring semester yesterday.  I'm officially enrolled in Elementary Japanese 1.  *flail*  I'm so excited to be officially learning the language.  I already met my advisor during my tour.  She's an incredibly friendly woman, although I found it a little difficult to understand her English because of her heavy accent.  My other classes are Intro to Theatre, Religion and the Human Experience, Issues with Teaching Adolescents, and Intro to Education (again ew.).  I might not have to take the last one though.  I have to talk to the teacher about it since I'm transferring schools and from a different teacher education program.  *crosses her fingers*  Yay for the fact that I'm transferring with 75 credit hours and don't have many Gen. ed courses left to take.  My classes MWF don't start until 10 a.m. and T TH i have one class at 1:10 p.m.  I'm so happy not to have any 8 a.m. classes. 

Back to the beginning of this post.  The part about being excited for the future.  Originally I only knew about the JET program and figured I would strive to participate in it after graduation.  However, after another fateful round of googling, I discovered several other interesting programs.  One of them was GEOS and the other was Amity.  I'm really interested in seeking employment with Amity after graduation.  The pay is great, the benefits are great, and I would get to teach mainly to children.  Depending on my performance it is possible to renew my 1 year contract several times as well.  Right now I get anxious while considering how on earth i would ever be able to live in a foreign country on my own and work in a new environment.  But I just keep thinking about all the time in between now and then that will give me the chance to grow as an individual and gain more confidence in myself.  I probably won't stop worrying, but that doesn't dampen the excitement at all. 

It's so nice to have an idea where I want to go in life.  I felt so lost and uneasy before.  I won't be able to see my friends or family as much, but I just keep telling myself that I can't back down from the opportunity to fulfill my dreams just because it might get lonely at times.  Who knows what'll happen within hte next 2 or 3 years.  Ne?


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Dec. 31st, 2009 02:54 am (UTC)
are you going to do/have you done study abroad?
what country are you going to for education? Japan?
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